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Ron Pinkham Woodsound Studios
Ron Pinkham runs Woodsound Studio in Maine. They are one of the busiest repair shops for fretted and orchestral instruments. In addition Ron builds approx. 12 guitars per year striving for an open, articulate voice that suits each player. From Ron "While mass producers of instruments may produce a fine instrument, they are not able to match design and materials for consistent results and the evolution of their design often comes to a standstill. At Woodsound Studio I strive to to fulfill the needs of many players by producing guitars with a variety of balanced tonal schemes. I achieve this through one-off production, the manipulation of bracing patterns, and the selection of appropriate woods and finishes, coupled with a subtle blend of trim and appointments."
When I started my quest as a luthier, it was as a young man trying to produce an instrument with exceptional balance, power and a warm brilliant sound, something I couldn't find when I left school. Repairs though, were the bread and butter of the business, and my only goal was to do it better, make the instrument at hand play and sound at an optimum, so anyone could learn and play more easily. A beginner does not need an instrument with world-class sound, although that would be nice. What they need, is an instrument that plays like a professional’s. Being a long-time teacher and player of classical guitar, I believe playability and balance are everything. I suppose my parents’ motto of “Good, better, best, never let it rest, 'til your good is better and your better is best” has been my approach to all things in life and is well suited to the demands of the precise building and restoration skills needed for the fine art of lutherie. As a young man I did it again and again, if it wasn't right, I did it over until it was and the skill was mastered. You will see that skill in all the work we do at Woodsound Studio, from beginner- to master-level instrument.

Like many makers we first discovered Ron Pinkham's guitars when one came in for resale. It blew me away with it's big, open voice that was incredibly musical and sweet. I now look forward to every Pinkham we have the chance to offer, and you can be sure each of these will spend some time on my picking porch while it's here...
Rockport, ME
SP, LP, Dreadnought, 12 String, Classical
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