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"I believe a musician's potential is limited by the quality of their instrument. Schenk Guitars exists to remove all limitations and inspire you to achieve your greatest musical potential."Rod SchenkSchenk Guitars specializes in building custom masterclass instruments for players who are ready to take the next step in their musical journey.Through technical engineering and extreme attention to detail, Rod Schenk is removing musical instrument barriers that formerly held back the musician from being the best he or she could be.Tons of Energy has been invested into creating our masterclass Schenk guitar. The latest technology has been utilized in the design process. Advanced finite element analysis computer modeling has been utilized to develop the optimum bracing size and layout. Years of design and development have also created the ultimate neck assembly with the proprietary "super-rod" trussrod assembly. The super-rod provides a rock solid neck with consistent string action even under constant string tuning changes.These technically superior guitars play and sound like nothing else.
Silverdale, Washington
Franco Marone, Martin Young, Mark Casstevens, Kerry Marx, Alan Thornhill
FE Grand Fingerstyle, GK Concert Windwalker, Standard
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