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Jim Triggs started building instruments over 25 years ago. A respected mandolin builder in the Midwest and on the West coast, Jim was hired in 1986 at Gibson to work in their world famous custom shop. During his time at Gibson he worked on their F-5 mandolins, supervised the custom shop, ran their Nashville artist relations department and had the responsbility of overseeing the arch top guitar line. Jim left Gibson in the spring of 1992 to build guitars on his own. 

Triggs guitars are known for being top quality. Jim's experience in the Gibson custom shop made him an expert at building Gibson inspired instruments as well as his own creations.
Kansas, MO
Alan Jackson, Steve Miller, Brad Whitford, Ranger Doug, Marty Stuart, Byron Berline, Chris Hillman, Pat Martino, Elliott Easton
Archtop, Byrdland, San Salvador, Dreadnought, Telecaster, Electric
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