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Steel-string acoustic guitars are the cornerstone upon which all of Dream Guitars has been built. We specialize in the niche market of handmade instruments from individual luthiers from around the world, and we take pride in our experience and expertise when assisting our clients in finding their perfect guitar. We work with incredible builders across the world to bring you only the cream of the crop--everything we have in stock is of sterling quality and reputation. We host a range of instruments for every playing style, and ship our guitars globally. If you're in the market for a Somogyi, Greenfield, Maingard, Matsuda, Olson, Petros, Ryan, Wingert, vintage Martin or Gibson, or another maker of premium quality, be sure and contact us to advise you through the process of selecting your Dream Guitar. If we don't have the right guitar for you in stock, we will search for one on your behalf, or we can custom order your ideal instrument to your personal specifications. This is the store where the discerning guitarist comes to find their next masterpiece.

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