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Tag Archive for: Bozo Padunavac

“Bozo Padunavac is a legend in the guitar world. One of the very early independent Luthiers and a true master of the art form. During his many years building he made only a few true masterpieces like this 40th Anniversary Archtop and this is truly something to behold and to play. Worthy of a Museum, but better yet we hoped it will be loved and played daily by one of our wonderful clients. This one deserves a great home.” – Paul Heumiller

Bozo Beograd

A very special instrument from master luthier Bozo Padunavac. This is a 40th Anniversary Beograd Archtop model featuring Bozo’s signature ornate Abalone inlays and elaborate custom purfling. The maple back and sides and European Spruce top make for a rich and powerful voice. The incredible hand inlay work makes this a true work of art as well. Every surface is adorned with Paua Abalone, Herringbone and too many fine details to list so we’ll let the photos tell it’s story below. Be sure to admire the brass Tailpiece, gorgeous Headplate and amazing fingerboard inlay.

It’s hard to fathom, but this incredible archtop plays and sounds as good as it looks! The action is smooth and even, like an electric, and the tone is both complex and round. This guitar really sings with a flat pick.

Please click here for additional specs and photos:

“This is a very special instrument with all the bells and whistles. A perfect addition to any collection of archtops. It plays like and electric and is smooth and silky.” – Al Petteway