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Tag Archive for: Redwood guitar

“It’s hard to say just how good this guitar is. Forget, for the moment, it’s beauty. The tone is simply magical. Trebles so full and rich you wonder how Bruce Petros does it. The bass from this amazing set of Brazilian Rosewood is warm and round, at once huge and controlled. Together it makes for a complete guitar, one that is balanced and exquisite on every note. Now for the beauty…. The pictures tell the story… look closely for all the details on this Tunnel 13. The rosette, bridge, etched buttons all hold wonder for the eyes. What a guitar…” – Paul Heumiller

The Petros Tunnel 13 is a thing of beauty and tone. This one is extra special as we custom ordered it with some of the finest Brazilian Rosewood you’ll ever see. Paired with the exceptional sounding Tunnel 13 Redwood top you get one of the fullest, juiciest sounding guitars you’ll ever lay ears on.

The Petros Tunnel 13 also boast unique Pearwood bindings on the headstock, neck and body, etched pearwood buttons, abalone top border and custom Tunnel 13 rosette and bridge inlays as well. The neck is carved from Butternut. Elegantly beautiful from head to toe and very special even in a world full of wonderful guitars. The Tunnel 13 is a rare gem sonically and aesthetically.

Here is the full story from the Petros Website: Southern Pacific Railroad’s Siskiyou Summit Tunnel #13 was built in the 1880’s using virgin Redwood timbers harvested in Southwestern Oregon. These timbers witnessed the October 11, 1923 hold up of the SP Train 13 Gold Special, pulling 13 cars, by the DeAutremont brothers. Four men were killed in the robbery attempt. When these magnificent Redwood timbers were salvaged from this historic tunnel after a fire in 2004, Petros Guitars managed to acquire some of the nicer sections. When these diamonds in the rough were opened up, it was discovered to be exceptional, master-grade tone wood, air dried in this tunnel for more than 120 years. Paired with light weight, figured Claro Walnut from Oregon and a light weight Butternut neck from Wisconsin, this guitar is light as a feather (3 pounds, 14 ounces) with the resonance of a 120 year old guitar. After a century of silence, Petros Tunnel 13 Redwood guitars are giving voice to the remarkable Redwood of Tunnel 13.