I always found in Dream Guitars a perfect partner…

During the last 15 years I’ve been a customer of Dream Guitars, having bought from them a huge quantity of instruments with the aim to improve and to increase my guitar collection. My collection includes actually around 200 guitars ranging from acoustic, electric, classical, resophonic, lap steel guitars as weel as pedal steels and banjos.

I always found in Dream Guitars a perfect partner, able to propose instruments not always very easy to find on the market. Dream Guitars’ competence in guitars comes mostly by their peculiarity to be not only a dealer, but also an organization including professional guitar players and “aficionados” so they can really discuss with you about the guitar characteristics and handle business with a special attention to the sound and playability of the instrument. This is a very important point of view when you are looking around the guitar world, a very rare quality nowadays it’s very rare to find. The descriptions of the instruments you can find on the website are technically complete and I’m never disappointed about what I was expecting from the guitar after reading the specification in the website. The sounds clip is very useful. You can almost always find one in the presentation page which really can contribute in giving a more complete evaluation of the guitar.

Recently I decided to reduce my guitars to make my collection easier to handle and maintain. I selected three batches of guitars, in total 60 guitars, ranging from acoustic, to classical and a few electric too. These guitars are mostly vintage instruments, destined to qualified collectors and guitar players.

I was really surprised by the friendly and qualified approach of the personnel at Dream Guitars. They helped me to evaluate the true value of each instrument and they also proposed a higher price when my evaluation was a little down if compared to the actual value coming from the market. All three batches of guitars have been bought directly by Dream Guitars and no guitar was dealt on consignment. Moreover, there was never a problem about the right sale price and they also helped me to understand better which are the actual trends of the guitar market.

Last but not least, some guitars they bought from me were the same they sold me some years ago. They still kept aside all the info and photos concerning the previous sold guitars so that it was very easy for them (and for me) to set down all the information concerning the instrument. This is possible only with a serious business organization.

All the payments agreed have been until now fully respected and sometimes also with advanced payments with respect to the payment agreed.

Should you need to part with a single special guitar or a large batch of guitars coming from qualified collection I cannot suggest a better organization than Dream Guitars.