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What better endorsement for a guitar than Martin Simpson’s own two hands? We’ve got a 2009 Sobell New World model formerly owned by the man himself, with some gorgeous dark African Blackwood back and sides and German Spruce on top. The fretboard features a slightly wider nut (1.78 inches) for easy fretting, and the setup is butter smooth and easy. A Highlander pickup for a gorgeous amplified tone, and then there’s a hardcore Calton flight case to keep the New World safe between home and stage.
The voice has opened up sweetly since 2009, with liquid trebles and a round, warm midrange response that’s a real pleasure to play around with in DADGAD and beyond. You can really even take this Sobell down to C# territory without the bass response waxing floppy. You’ve got enough projection to flatpick your way through a session without getting lost in the crowd, and when you’re playing solo compositions later on a delicate touch will still bring out a clear and dynamic tone.
Hands down, this Sobell New World is firing on all cylinders.

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In typical fashion, Jordan McConnell has built another lifetime instrument with this 16 Inch model from 2016. This is a unique one with Indian Rosewood back and sides, so for all of you international buyers this one’s an actual option! Moonspruce on top, as well as Jordan’s trademark carved bridge, here rendered with figured Rosewood, as well as a geometric motif at the rosette and headstock veneer featuring Rosewood and Satinwood, as well as Abalone.

Other keywords: lutherie, 055, fingerstyle, eir

Very Cool and unique Fender Custom Shop Esquire here that we are selling for renowned Nashville songwriter Darrell Scott. Loaded with one Tim Shaw designed single coil pickup. While this guitar may only have one pickup, it is certainly not lacking in tonal variety with its three way “Router”. And to top it all off this ultra light weight pine body allows for ease of play. This Esquire is a C.W. Fleming “Directors Choice”, so you know this build is of the highest quality.

It’s humbling to see such consistency in a builder’s work, with exquisite voicing for fingerstyle playing that focuses on note clarity and definition. This is Mark’s Sequoia body shape with a generous 16 inch lower bout, and here he’s upgraded it with a body wedge and arm bevel for ergonomics, a soundport in the upper bout, and a multiscale setup that’s perfect for everything from C tunings to Standard (26.25-25.25”). The Brazilian Rosewood back and sides come from our own secret stash, and Mark used a creamy European Spruce top to match.

Here’s an additional demo with our own Duane Simpson: https://youtu.be/QH0MUw0ZGYQ.

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Preston Thompson D-BA 45, serial number ‘Dream #1.’ It would be an understatement to say that we are proud of how this collaboration with Preston Thompson Guitars went. Using wood from our stash, this flatpicking beast turned out so well. It is as sonorous and resonant as it is good looking, and it’s frankly just fun to play. This is one of those ‘gets lost for hours’ playing type of guitars. 45 styling throughout, so it’s a sharply dressed thrill-seeker, as it were. Ease of play, a little wider spacing at the saddle for ample access to all the flatpicking, cross-picking, and fingerpicking—that’s a lot of picking, which is exactly what this thing is designed for: LOTS OF PICKING.

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We’ve landed a powerhouse with this 2015 Placencia OM from Michael Bashkin in Cocobolo and German Spruce—from headstock to tailblock there’s miles of gorgeous real estate, and some rich tones hidden just beneath the surface. Bashkin paired his compass point rosette with amber side dots/position markers, and bound the body in elegant black Ebony for a subtle delineation between the creamy German Spruce and chocolate-rich Cocobolo.

Tonally, this Placencia has a crisp, focused bass response; tight and snappy, cuts well. Projection is impressive (and that’s not the soundport fooling our ears), and you can dig in a bit with a pick without topping out the sound. Try that on other OMs, we dare you. That said, this guitar is voiced primarily for fingerstyle, and we found it really slurped up dropped tunings. Built in 2015, this Bashkin looks nearly new: a great opportunity to get one for yourself to personalize with your own voice!

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Power and purr in equal measure. Lance McCollum really knew how to build ‘em. This Grand Auditorium comes to us from 1999, and that’s given it plenty of time to open up. And up, and up! Lots of power and projection under the hood, but notes have a smooth definition to them that makes the voice so sweet. Brazilian Rosewood back and sides pair up with European Spruce on top with a long scale setup at 25 3/4” to add extra pow! to those bass strings. Our repair gurus have just dressed the frets, and it plays like grass-fed butter. It’ll take equally well to both fingertips and picks to boot. There’s even an L.R. Baggs Lyric pickup system to carry it straight up to the stage.

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Looking for a small guitar that packs a wallop and is just downright fun? Check out this 2019 P12 from Froggy Bottom. Koa back and sides with Adirondack Spruce top and a 12-fret neck, short scale center, and a lively string energy that works great for blues with its drier attack, but also has great clarity and woody crunchiness for strumming and some light flatpicking work if you are looking for a different flavor to accompany someone. Throw a K&K Pure Mini into the mix instant amplification!

Other keywords: lutherie, michael millard, p2103, adriondack

This is the definition of a dream guitar, an heirloom instrument, a lifetime player. Wayne Henderson made sure this 45-style Dreadnought shade top was the best of the best, and he more than succeeded. Premium Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with green flecking in the right light (super rare), Red Spruce on top, and the aforementioned 45-style Abalone appointment package from headstock to endgraft.

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D-45 Deluxe from Wayne Henderson, built in 2008 with Brazilian Rosewood and Red Spruce, plus additional tree of life vine inlays along the fingerboard. Extensive 45-style pearl work throughout, gold Waverly tuners, well preserved and sure to be the centerpiece of your collection.

Other keywords: henderson dreadnought, allen shadd, will saylor

If you are a follower of Wayne Henderson guitars you know that they are all rare, wonderful, and highly sought after. What we have here is the rarest of Hendersons, a D-45 Deluxe Tree Of Life in Brazilian Rosewood and Red Spruce which comes to us from 2016. You are certain to gasp and drool over this one, we certainly have been. Wayne makes precious few of this model of guitar, the sheer amount of time, material and skill that goes into building such a guitar is impressive, and certainly limits the opportunity to make many of them. This is the true collector’s dream guitar! While this guitar certainly has the looks, that isn’t the only trick in its bag. The Henderson tonal pedigree is in full show here, big open basses, barking mids, and smooth trebles. This is the definition of a once in a lifetime guitar, don’t miss out!

Keystone Guitars crafted us this wonderful Jujube model featuring Brazilian Rosewood plus Sinker Cedar. Snakewood appointments throughout, plus a custom and stunningly executed inlay design along the fingerboard and headplate, makes for a striking aesthetic–and these qualities of beauty are echoed in the voice as well. Great punch, clarity, and power, all at the same time coming from a small-bodied design. Frankly, we don’t know how Keisuke pulls it off.

Other keywords: lutherie, luthier, guitarbuilding, custom guitar, brazilain

Kevin Caton brings a fresh eye to the modern flattop scene with his Sullivan model and its combination arm bevel-soundport design. This is our latest guitar from Kevin, decked out with Madagascar Rosewood back and sides and Italian Spruce on top plus that über unique arm bevel and a cutaway. A geometric motif sets off the rosette and headstock; elsewhere the quality of the woods speak for themselves. All wrapped up in a Visesnut flight case.

Other keywords: lutherie, caton guitars, 71, fingerstyle, contemporary, 2023

T.J. Thompson is revered for his repair and restoration work–and then there are his actual builds. A more comprehensive grasp of what a flattop can and should sound like, we haven’t seen. This 2008 OM-30 is nothing short of seraphic. Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with Adirondack Spruce top, 30-style appointments, V neck profile plus bar frets, even banjo-style tuners at the headstock.

Other keywords: lutherie, tj thompson, brazilain, adriondack, fingerstyle, orchestra model

Laurent Brondel’s The 18 is a powerhouse guitar inspired by, and in some ways surpassing, the classic prewar Martin OM. This one features Honduran Mahogany back and sides, Red Spruce top, and a few modern features like a carbon fiber reinforced neck and EVO frets. A dark shade top finish immediately grabs the eye, but is almost forgotten once you actually put fingers to strings–the voice is quick and lively, goes from 0 to 100 in a flash, and is just downright fun. Looking for a modern take on a prewar classic? Brondel’s The 18 will do nicely!

Other keywords: fingerpicking, 18-style, 18 style, 230407, pre-war

Premium 1957 Fender Strat, anyone? This beauty is well preserved, plays without effort, and sounds absurdly good. V neck profile for your left thumb to anchor on, original pickups and electronics, components, the works. Two-tone sunburst, white pickguard, some sweet fingerboard marks to prove its paid its dues. An heirloom offering that’s sure to be the centerpiece of your collection.

Other keywords: leo fender, 023851, 2 tone, sun burst, ohsc, duane simpson

Yet another example of Gage Halland’s mastery, this time equipped with Brazilian Rosewood and German Spruce. An instrument that one would happily get lost in, truly magic in the form of a guitar. This 2022 D-H from Halland sports a lambs tongue arm bevel, which provides elegance as well as comfort. A Modified Dreadnought that thrives in both realms of fingerstyle play and hard-driven flatpicking. Whatever you ask of this instrument it will respond with beauty. Expansive, powerful, crystal clear along with heaps of headroom. One session leaves you wanting more and more of this guitar. This guitar speaks for itself.


Keywords/misspellings: halland guitars, hoffee, fingerpicking, flatpicking, lutherie, luthier, gotoh, evo frets, 022-21

To borrow an overused expression, this guitar is an inspiration. Leo Buendia is one of our all-time favorite builders, one who we’ve been very fortunate to work with for a number of years now–and no surprise, his instruments continue to humble and delight us every time. This is the first time we’ve had one of his slim 00 models, and we pray that it is not the last. Excellent dynamic range, gorgeously appointed, and outfitted with some of the finest materials on the scene. Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with dramatic figuring and coloration, here paired with Swiss Moonspruce on top and a series of flawlessly executed chip carvings at the rosette, endgraft, and headplate. It’s a fearsome amount of work for just one of these carvings, let alone three. The entire instrument is finished in matte, and makes the grain of the wood pop. Additional features include custom Rodgers tuners with reconstituted malachite buttons, a first for us, offset position markers in Leo’s “stick” style, and even a Brazilian Rosewood bridge. This heirloom instrument was built in 2021, and is essentially new.

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Martin’s collaborations with Eric Clapton always yield premium results. And the pinnacle of their collaborations comes in the form of this 2000 000-42ECB. Gorgeous 42-style appointments, Engelmann Spruce top over Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, and only 200 ever built. This is #198 of that exclusive run–only two were ever built after this one! Such a gorgeous example of Martin doing what they do best.

Other keywords: signature guitar, brazilain, englemann, fingerstyle, 42 style

We’ve landed a unique offering from the 1800s today with this fun Parlor model from William Tilton. Brazilian Rosewood back and sides with Spruce top with diagonal grain. Look inside and you’ll find a rod coupling the heel and tail blocks that bears a metal medallion with Tilton’s name. The voice is old and warm, with a hint of something else that almost reminds one of a wood-bodied resonator. Gone over by a repair staff, we addressed a few cracks, and have refretted the entire instrument for modern playability.

Keywords, misspellings: vintage, brazilain, fingerpicking, w.b. tilton

John Slobod has a nack for building OMs that exemplify the Orchestra Model ambition of “do-it-all” guitars. This 2013 OM with Palo Escrito and Adirondack Spruce is precisely that, at home in a wide range of settings and balanced across the registers for both picks and fingers. Not only is the fit and finish excellent, John’s eye for good wood is on point, too: the Palo Escrito has some lovely swirling figure, and on top he opted for a segmented rosette with what appear to be Rosewood blocks. Gold EVO frets for longevity; Waverly tuners for light weight. This 2013 Circa OM comes wrapped up in an Ameritage case.

Other keywords: fingerstyle, 104, 0m, fingerpicking, rose wood

Brand new and already so wide awake: our latest Quantum model from California-based luthier Steve Porter. Elevated fingerboard, twin soundports, side dot at the seventh fret; Indian Rosewood body with Carpathian Spruce top; ultra thin french polish finish throughout. Gold Sloane tuners; 650mm scale. The top features intricate lattice bracing, best viewed from those aforementioned soundports that flank the heel.

Other keywords: millennium classical, raised fingerboard, sound port, david stevenson, fingerstyle, classical music, loaded top