Dream Guitars – 1930 Martin 000-45, Brazilian RW & Adirondack Spruce #martinguitar #vintageguitar

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Paul: When I die, I hope heaven is full of 1930 Martin 000-45s. This guitar is without a doubt one of the greatest pre war Martins on the planet today, and in better shape than I’d have imagined a 93-year-old guitar could hope to be in! The voice is everything you’d expect from a guitar of this vintage, and more. I don’t know the next time will be when I’ll see such an iconic Martin, in such condition, that’s not on display at the Martin museum!

Logan: This is one of only a few 000-45s ever built in the 30s, and such a well-preserved example at that. I’m humbled by the history in my hands when I sit down to play.

0:00 Martin 000-45 Demo with Allen Shadd
2:37 Guitar Details with Logan Wells
5:24 Outro with Allen Shadd