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Carruth, Alan
You've been perfecting your sound for a long time......So have I. An experienced player knows that there is nothing quite like the sound of a great guitar. No other instrument has the broad palette of tone colors, subtlety, responsiveness, or dynamic range. You worked a long time to learn to hear it, and even longer to learn to use it. I've worked for over 25 years as a builder to understand and control the tone of the guitars I make. I was a pioneer in the use of “plate tuning” on the guitar, and one of the first people to use it regularly on steel string flat top and archtop guitars. From the physiology of hearing to the characteristics of tone woods, and beyond, I’ve worked hard to find out “where the sound comes from”, and applied that knowledge to building over 350 instruments of all kinds. So, if the time has come for you to “go for the tone”, maybe you owe it to yourself to come to me.
Newport, New Hampshire
Ken, Bonfield, Chuck Brodsky, Larry Pattis
Standard Classical, Grand Concert Classical, 12 Fret 000, 14 Fret 000, Jumbo
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