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Juan Miguel Gonzalez Guitars
Miguel González began in the construction of guitars in 1935, not existing in those days in Almeria any craftsman dedicated to this profession of worship. For this reason the best guitarrists of that time passed by his workshop. Miguel González was contemporary of Hermanos Moya, guitar-makers from Almería who learned the work from Antonio de Torres, allowing his indisputable mastery to lay the bases of a solid guitar tradition in Almería. The conductive thread of this tradition it is gathered by his son Juan Miguel González, who began from very young in this craftsmen's careful trade in the workshop of his father, getting in the exciting world of the construction of the Spanish Guitar and extending the handcrafted legacy of his progenitor. In his work combine masterfully craft, innovation, technology, research, dedication and care; and in the noble materials, wood and tails specially selected, the refined and the high acoustic sound level.
Andalucía, Spain
Concert, Flamenco, Solera, Torres
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