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I was born in 1940 in Woburn Massachusetts and spent most of my growing-up years in the suburbs of Washington, DC. Since 1967 I have lived in the area of Kansas City, MO. Since 1987 I have made my home in the ruburbs (rural suburbs) of Kansas City, where peaceful surroundings can, when necessary, ameliorate the stresses of the luthier's life. I began my luthiery career working as an apprentice with Macario Briseo, a classical guitar maker in Kansas City, from June 1972 to September 1973 and made my first instrument, a classical guitar, in 1972. I have also made a number of steel-string acoustic and twelve string guitars and have done repair and customizing work on virtually every kind of fretted instrument. Since 1980 I have focused solely on classical guitars, largely because that's the music I love most. The Guitar Workshop, Inc. now consists of two people: me, and my wife Carol, who does no luthing but helps me in so many ways, more ways than I can recount... listening to me while smiling and attentive (if uncomprehending) as I prate about my work in luthierbabble, correcting my spelling and grammar (she's an English teacher), warding off telemarketers, criticizing me (but never harshly, though she once told me I was "born to luth," get it, luuth), etc., etc. If you're enjoying your Jacobson guitar, give her at least half the thanks. Paul Jacobson
Kansas City, Missouri
William Kanengiser, Marcos Diaz
Concert Classical
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