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Tyler began working with Bryan Galloup and Sam Guidry in 2013 during the day, and building his own instruments by night. "12 or 14 hour days are not an uncommon occurrence at all," says Robbins! After receiving a degree in Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology, the lutherie bug bit Tyler, and he's never looked back.
With a passion for music and woodworking sparked in my early teens, I have spent almost every waking moment of the past decade honing my skills and elevating my understanding of the art and science that is lutherie. After many years learning through trial and error with more mistakes then I care to admit, I took the plunge and enrolled in the Galloup School of Luthierie. What was supposed to be a two month course turned into an intense two year apprenticeship that tested me both mentally and physically. I took part in every aspect of the shop, from teaching to research and development, from CNC and parts production to guitar building and repair. As of 2018, it has been a few years since I completed my apprenticeship. Today I am one of the lead builders as well as the head of the repair department at Galloup Guitars. My personal build style follows a scientific approach. I utilize extensive material testing and data analysis methods developed by my mentors, Bryan Galloup and Sam Guidry, which provides me with an understanding of my work that goes far deeper than just intuition. I am involved in a new way of thinking that seeks to remove magic from the equation and reveal the facts behind what it takes to consistently build the best guitars possible today. Lutherie is my obsession. - Tyler Robbins

I met Tyler at the 2017 Artisan Guitar Show in Harrisburg, PA. The clean lines and controlled contemporary aesthetic set his instruments apart from the crowd, and a corresponding clarity in the voice made them a winner in my book. Great for fingerstyle!
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