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Woodfield, Phillip

 Phillip Woodfield is an English builder who has crafted over 200 guitars. Among his designs are wonderful lattice braced Concert and Grand Concert guitars.

I really enjoy the fine woodworking process and it has been a part of my life since childhood. My approach to guitar making is ‘hands on’ and organic. I limit the use of machines because I enjoy using hand tools and find that this makes the instruments more personal. I use traditional glue for many of the significant joints and the guitars are finished only in natural shellac. It has always been my aim to produce guitars that have clarity, sustain and good separation of notes. What I love to hear are guitars that sing. My guitars are pure and sweet in tone and also have volume. As a player myself I realize how important it is that the instrument is expressive and allows you to explore an expansive tonal palate. It is vital that it ‘feels right’ with a neck shape and action that is not restrictive and is comfortable. It must feel satisfying to play. I believe that a guitar should sound good and lively from the start and as such gives a hint of its potential. There is still a long way to go during the playing in period for the guitar to continue improving and, given good attention, will do so for years to come.

Rarely have a heard such a powerful instruments as Phillip Woodfield's lattice braced Grand Concert. It allows for extraordinary dynamic range for the player.
Scott Tennant, Giulio Tampalini, Raymond Burley
Concert, Grand Concert, Torres
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