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THE BOGG’S GUITAR CHAIR — the Ultimate Accessory

Brian Bogg's Dream Guitars Guitar Chair

Brian Bogg's Dream Guitars Guitar Chair

If you are lucky enough to live in or around Asheville, North Carolina, you already know it is a special place to be. Not only does the area boast a vibrant and eclectic music scene, but it is also a powerful magnet for many other art forms as well.  Artist from all walks of life seem magnetically pulled into the friendly spirit of the place, knowing they’ve found a home where they can expressive themselves creatively, amongst a vivacious, multifarious community.

Brian Bogg’s, is one such artist. Hailing from Kentucky, he brought his lifelong fascination with chair making to the heart of Asheville, where he now operates the Bogg’s Collective. The mission of the Collective is to produce exquisite furniture, in a reliable and sustainable manner.

A perpetual innovator, Brian always had it in his mind to design the ultimate guitarists chair. A chair that reinforced excellent playing posture and supportive comfort, while removing non-ergonomic features found in typical chairs. His goal was to create a chair with beautiful aesthetics, that maximized player comfort for long sessions.

Brian Bogg's Dream Guitars Guitar Chair

Brian Bogg's Dream Guitars Guitar Chair

Naturally, when fate brought the Bogg’s Collective and Dream Guitars together, we all realized that that the time had come to design the ultimate guitar chair.

Paul and I met with Brian and his team several times. We discussed the needs of the player, keeping what was essential and discarding what was superfluous. In the end, we collectively came up with a design that surpasses any other offering on the market.

We are proud to unveil the fruit of all our labors, the Brian Bogg’s Dream Guitars Guitar Chair.

Check out the link below for a video of the whole story!



In the coming weeks you’ll be seeing some big changes around here. Our entire website is receiving a very special makeover.

We have always been proud of our site, and regularly receive favorable comments from our many devoted clients — but recently Paul decided we should upgrade our look and make our website easier and faster to navigate. Our goal is to bring you more current and useful information, to better aid you in your quest to find your own Dream Guitar.

Paul Heumiller, the Mastermind behind Dream Guitars

Paul Heumiller, the Mastermind behind Dream Guitars.

Some visitor may not realize it, but Dream Guitars was the first guitar website to feature quality audio recordings of every instrument. We were also the first guitar website to create demonstrative movies for your audio and visual pleasure. All of those innovations will still be here — but we’re adding a lot more exciting content too.

For one, we will be offering many more free lessons with the great Al Petteway. Some websites charge for a service like this, but at Dream Guitars we put the music first. We want you to come to us for all of your musical needs, to spend some time looking at beautiful guitars, and maybe learn a song or two.

Also, look for more frequently updated blog content. We have re-dedicated ourselves to bringing you the inside scoop. Our blog aims to go behind the scenes of Dream Guitars and to feature exclusive information that you’ll find nowhere else.

Dream Guitars new website offers faster navigation and ease of use.

Dream Guitars new website offers faster navigation and ease of use.

Probably the biggest addition to our site is the phenomenal new Listening Studio. Once again Dream Guitars is innovating, and creating a resource unlike any other on the web. You can read much more about it in next weeks blog posts, but the general idea is this:

Dream Guitars exciting new Listening Studio! Zero in on your tone!

Dream Guitars exciting new Listening Studio! Zero in on your tone!

We’ve taken the thousands of high quality audio clips we’ve amassed over the years, and have created a library, where you can search for guitars, by builder, model, wood type — and various other parameters, and create a personalized listening room to audition instruments and compare their tones by any parameter you choose.

The look of the coming website reflects where Dream Guitars is at today. We work hard to be the number one source for acoustic guitar information on the web, and that means always looking for new ways to bring you the best, most reliable information available.

Please send us your feedback. We want to hear your opinions on our new look. This site is for you, our valued clients. So make yourself at home, and enjoy the new content — and as always — don’t hesitate to give us a call if there is anything we can do for you.

Makers Mark CD by Tony McManus

Tony McManus CD available online

We just found out today that Maker’s Mark: The Dream Guitars Sessions by Tony McManus has been nominated for for the Canadian Folk Awards, the Scots Traditional Music Awards and made the first cut for the Grammys!