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About Dream Guitars

About Us

Dream Guitars® was started by Paul Heumiller and fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Martin Simpson. The idea was to gather together the finest guitars in the world and to offer them in an honorable fashion with real expertise and guidance. To this end we sought out and critically reviewed instruments from dozens of the top builders. We now offer many of the finest instruments in the world in one place, brought to you by players, for players. Due to career demands Martin is no longer part of Dream Guitars®, but remains a supportive friend.

We at Dream Guitars® have been praised for our precise ability to guide our customers to their "dream guitar". Owner Paul Heumiller is a member of the Guild of American Luthiers and a strong supporter of the craft. Our extensive knowledge of guitars coupled with our ability to be patient and honest makes for the ultimate experience in high-end guitar shopping. We have created policies that provide direct access to anyone in the world. Our risk free trial policy insures you can buy with total confidence. Listed below is what some of our customers have had to say about their experiences with us.
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Mission: To gather together the finest quality guitars in the world,
and offer them in an honorable fashion -- with real expertise and guidance.