Custom Builds

One of the important ways that we serve our clients is custom building instruments for their music.

Owner Paul Heumiller and his staff are all players and even guitar builders themselves which gives us the extraordinary ability to guide clients to their true Dream Guitar – a perfect instrument for their genre, style and playing abilities, as well as future goals.


After in-depth conversations and/or meetings with our staff, Dream Guitars will suggest the appropriate builder, model of guitar, woods, and additional specs down to the greatest details to ensure the creation of an instrument that feels like an old pair of jeans, one that inspires and takes a player to a whole new level of musicality.

This is one of the most rewarding aspects of Dream Guitars – something that we do with all of our heart and soul. And the best part of this is that each of our clients is able to leverage our knowledge and expertise here at Dream Guitars at no additional cost. The cost of a custom build through Dream Guitars is equivalent to going directly to any builder that we work with.


What happens if I don’t like my custom guitar?

While rare, there are times when our clients are not completely thrilled with their custom build. The good news is that you built your guitar through Dream Guitars. In most cases, we offer a 3 day trial period, even for custom instruments, where you can recoup 100% of your purchase price if not completely satisfied with your new build. After the trial period, Dream Guitars can also help you part ways by listing the guitar on our site and marketing to our thousands of fans across email, social media, numerous guitar forums, and more. We may also be able to offer outright purchase depending on the build and demand.

Questions? Comments? Contact us today to start the guitar of your dreams.