We have a long list of clients looking for certain guitars on our Dream Catcher Watchlist. If you have one of the guitars below we may be able to facilitate a quick sale for you. Call us today or contact us online.

Have another high-end guitar for sale that is not listed below? Let us know! Call us today or contact us online.

Immediate Need for a Client:

Baranik, Mike: All Models
Carruth, Alan: 000/OM 12 or 14 fret with slight cutaway, not mahogany
Circa (John Slobod): 000
Dudenbostel: All Models
Fender Strat 1950s-60s player condition
Fleta, Ignacio: All Models
Froggy Bottom: Small body, player condition
Gibson: 1941-42 J-45 Sunburst
Gibson: 1958 ES-335 Natural
Gibson: 1958 or ’59 EMS 1235
Gibson: Recording King Ray Whitley
Henderson, Wayne: All Models
Martin: 1926 to 1931 0, 00 and 000s (and additional years if 12th fretters only i.e. from 1935 or 1937) 100% original, non-refinished
Martin: Prewar Models
Martin: 1930s 45 style 000 or OM
Martin: 1928-1931 000-28
Martin: Signature Models
Martin: Custom Shop
Martin: 1960s D-35 player grade
Martin: OMM John Renbourn Signature Model
Martin: OM-42 Paul Simon
Matsuda: All Models
National: Wood Body
Olson: All Models
Ramirez II, Jose: Classical mid 40s 56-7 not in Cypress
Smallman, Greg: Classical
Sobell, Stefan: All Models
Somogyi, Ervin: All Models
Tacchi, Andrea: All Models
Thompson, T.J.: All Models
Traphagen, Dake: 000
Walker, Kim: All Models
Whitebook, Mark: All Models

Steel String Guitars:

Circa (John Slobod): All Models
Collings: 00, OM, Dreadnaught
Doolin: All Models
Dyer: Harp Guitars, Style 7 or 8
Franklin: Brazilian OM
Gibson: 1930s-1950s L-00, J-30, J-35, J-45, J-50, AJ
Greenfield, Michael: All Models
Henderson, Wayne: All Models
Kostal, Jason: All Models
Larson Brothers: All Models
Laskin, Grit: All Models
Martin: 1930s Small Bodies
Martin: 1950s Dreadnaughts
Martin: Prewar 0, 00, 000, OMs and Dreadnaughts, All1950s Models
Matsuda, Michihiro: All Models
McCollum, Lance: Baritone
Olson, James: All Models
Petros, Bruce: Dream Series
Ryan, Kevin: All Models
Schwartz, Sheldon: Rosewood Oracle
Somogyi, Ervin: All Models
Terraplane: Resonator
Thompson, T.J.: All Models
Walker, Kim: All Models
Whitebook, Mark: All Models
Wingert, Kathy: All Models

Classical, Flamenco & Crossover Guitars:

Buscarino, John: Cabaret
Contreras I: All Models
Dammann: All Models
Dominelli: Classical
Humphrey, Thomas: Millenium, 650mm Scale
McGill, Paul: Super Ace
Ramirez: 1950s-1960s
Redgate, Jim: All Models
Reyes, Mauel
Ruck, Robert: All Models
Smallman, Greg: All Models
Tacchi, Andrea: All Models

Electric Guitars:

Detemple: Strats, Teles
Fender: Vintage Strats & Teles
Gibson: Les Paul Bob Marley Custom Shop
Low Wattage Vintage Tube Amps: Princeton Reverb, Champ, Magnatone, Citation, Gibson GA

Archtop Guitars:

D’Aquisto: Original
Gibson: Vintage L-4 or L-5


Preowned Flight Cases – ie Calton, Karura, Hoffee


  • Josh says:

    I’m loving a couple of those Taylor guitars you have there. I’ve never had a chance to play their classical guitar but no doubt it plays nicely.

  • Tom Hannah says:

    I have an early 70s Gurian JR (Jumbo Rosewood) in near mint condition, a New Hampshire guitar. Big, beautiful voice. The original owner had it appraised 2-3 years ago by Gruhn at $3,500. I became the second owner a couple years ago, had it set up beautifully by Greg Biller. 26″ scale, 1-5/8″ nut. Currently having a Mod-D being built by Ray Kraut, and when the Kraut is done I think I will sell the Gurian.

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