We have a long list of clients looking for certain instruments on our Dream Catcher Watchlist. If you have one of the instruments below we may be able to facilitate a quick sale for you. Call us today or contact us online.

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—Steel Strings—

  • Vintage and Prewar Martins, all models

In particular:
– 1938-39 D-28 wide nut
– 1930s 45 style 000 or OM
– 1928-1931 000-28
– 1926 to 1931 0, 00 and 000s

  • Vintage and Prewar Gibsons, all models

In particular:
– Banner era
– J45 Rosewood
– Roy Smeck Radio Grande Natural Top

  • Larson Brothers, all models

In particular:
– Maurer 562 ½ (13½”) Brazilian rosewood with pearl top
– Maurer 491 (14”) Mahogany back and sides.

  • Modern Martin Signature Models

In particular:
– John Renbourn
– Martin CSN – Gerry Tolman Tribute Model
– Paul Simon
– Eric Clapton

  • Leo Buendia
  • John Buscarino – Cabaret Model
  • Wayne Henderson
  • Linda Manzer – Manzer Model Cutaway
  • Jordan McConnell
  • James Olson
  • Oscar Schmidt Stella or Sovereign 1920-1930 Concert size, 25″ scale or less
  • Shanti by Michael Hornick
  • T.J. Thompson
  • Kim Walker
  • Mark Whitebook


  • Matthias Dammann
  • Marcus Dominelli
  • Ignacio Fleta
  • Thompson Humphrey – Classical Spruce, post 2000
  • Antonio Marin Montero
  • Greg Smallman
  • Andrea Tacchi
  • Gernot Wagner


  • Alejandro Cervantes


  • D’Aquisto


  • Josh says:

    I’m loving a couple of those Taylor guitars you have there. I’ve never had a chance to play their classical guitar but no doubt it plays nicely.

  • Tom Hannah says:

    I have an early 70s Gurian JR (Jumbo Rosewood) in near mint condition, a New Hampshire guitar. Big, beautiful voice. The original owner had it appraised 2-3 years ago by Gruhn at $3,500. I became the second owner a couple years ago, had it set up beautifully by Greg Biller. 26″ scale, 1-5/8″ nut. Currently having a Mod-D being built by Ray Kraut, and when the Kraut is done I think I will sell the Gurian.

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