American Music Furniture: Elegant Preservation

A while back I wrote a blog article titled “The Case Against Cases.” The point I was making there was that you should keep your guitars accessible and easy to get at so that you play more, so nothing prevents you from practicing or performing your music as much as possible.

Two years ago I bought a Civil War-era log cabin high in the mountains of Western North Carolina where we heat primarily with a wood stove. In the winter months, the cabin is routinely 10 to 20% humidity, which is far below the recommended 40 to 50% for guitars. The first season I kept them in their cases and used Planet Waves Humidipaks. It was a good solution to keep my guitars safe, but it was counterproductive to my practice and playing. For some reason just that extra two minutes of opening and closing the case prevented me from using all of my fine guitars as much as they deserved. Instead I only used one or two, and ignored several others that I adore. Not an ideal situation.

Enter our friends at American Music Furniture. From their shop in Pennsylvania, Darryl Jennings, John Farrell, and their team of fine craftsmen build top quality display cases that are humidity controlled, protective, and beautiful. I had them build mine with top grade Walnut to match the logs in my cabin, and it has room for six acoustic guitars. With full glass on the front and sides and an adjustable lighting system, my guitars always look their best. It’s one of the nicest pieces of furniture in my home now and a real showpiece even without the guitars inside.

The humidification system works beautifully. They install very strong seals on the door and throughout the unit so water lasts a long time. I have only had to fill it once every few weeks, which is a wonderful change from the daily routine of watering whole-room humidifiers. There is a built-in hygrometer with low-water indicator, and a fan to disperse the humidity when needed. You simply set the desired humidity and leave it alone.

I am beyond delighted with the quality, the materials, and the craftsmanship, but the best part is now I play all of  my instruments whenever I want. Open one door and I have access to an array of the finest instruments I’ve ever owned. Thank you AMF, I am more than delighted with my case. I can’t recommend you more highly.

Follow this link to AMF’s website so you can get one of these for yourself!