Andrew White Guitars Now Available at Dream Guitars

For more than a decade, renowned West Virginia luthier Andrew White has built an amazing reputation. Andrew has become well known for his ability to successfully pair traditional and non-traditional elements such as fan frets and modified body shapes. Many of his personally handmade guitars now demand more than $10,000 per piece.

In his personal shop, Andrew builds only a handful of guitars each year. In an effort to bring his instruments to a larger audience, he partnered with a well respected Korean guitar manufacturer, Artec Sound Co. The result are instruments that are incredibly consistent in their voice and playability, making use of modern designs with an emphasis on high quality fit and finish.

Andrew and Artec have together created three body sizes including the Freja, Eos, and Cybele. Each of these models are also offered in a variety of different tone woods and options.

Over the years, Dream Guitars has consistently received requests from our fans to expand our offering to include quality instruments in the lower price range between $500 and $3,000. This year, Dream Guitars did just that by adding a handful of new, fine instruments within this range. Andrew White’s new line of quality manufactured guitars was a no-brainer to be included in this initial expansion.

“It was fate that when I saw Andrew at the Healdsburg Guitar Festival this year we were looking for great guitars in an entry level pricing and he has just launched his line. It is exactly the kind of guitar we were looking for, a modern design with serious tone and quality build. Our clients will love these!” – Paul Heumiller

“These Andrew White guitars have an incredibly consistent tone and playability. The neck feels good and seems to have a slightly smaller string spacing than standard which makes it easier to reach those bigger stretches. The fit and finish is really nice and the woods are beautiful. ” – Al Petteway

Dream Guitars currently carries a beautiful representation of each of Andrew’s manufactured models. Click Here to view our current

Want to see one of these bad boys in action? Click Here to watch Al Petteway himself playing an Andrew White 100 NAT, only $599 at DG.