Audio Sprockets’ ToneDexter: Hardly Any Nuts & Bolts

The ToneDexter makes microphone tone possible through pickups in a way we’ve never seen before. The process of creating a WaveMap for each of your instruments is straightforward: one training session and you’re all set!

After you’ve plugged the microphone and pickup in to the ToneDexter and you’ve entered training mode for one of the 11 preset slots, it’s a simple matter of playing your guitar (or mandolin, or violin, or cello, to name a few) for a few minutes. In that time the ToneDexter will analyze the individual signals from the mic and pickup and proceed through nine stages of learning. As it progresses, you’ll first hear a dramatic change for the better! As it gets close to finishing, the changes will become increasingly subtle, but if you have headphones on it’s easier to pick up on them. Throughout this process the ToneDexter identifies the gaps in the pickup’s signal and offsets them with the acoustic color and tone from the microphone. Once you’ve completed the ninth learning stage, you can review the sound of the pickup, microphone, and WaveMap separately to make sure it’s a great fit before saving it to one of 11 presets.

The end result is a WaveMap for that particular instrument, mic, and pickup combination which sounds like it’s just the guitar and mic–but without the hassles which plague a microphone setup. We have a video demonstration in the works to show an in-depth look at the training process, so stay tuned!

Paul: “There are tons of new electronic gadgets on the market for guitars these days, but only a few are really pushing the envelope like Audio Sprockets’ ToneDexter. I immediately got one for myself, and couldn’t be happier!

Get yours here:

Here’s a demonstration and general how-to by fingerstyle virtuoso Doug Young: