DG’s First Big Hollow Build

Incoming! Bevan Frost is hard at work churning out the first Big Hollow 00 built specifically for us. The first guitar that’s headed our way will be a 00 in Honduran Mahogany & Lutz Spruce, with a rib bevel and bird’s beak neck joint. Stay tuned for pics from Bevan along the way!

“OM on left, OO on right. 
The one on the right is headed your way.”
“Sealing the end grain of the logo with hide glue.”
Gluing in the truss rod cap. I use epoxy here to grab against the metal rod.
“This morning I refined the bridge shape on this pyramid/ belly combo bridge. Lots of file work, as well as sanding. You can see the variety of tools I used to get it to its final form. I use the pyramid/belly combo for longer scales and bigger guitars like my OM model.”
“It is in the filler/sealer stage. Like almost every other point in the process, if it’s not done right it can lead to much more work and sub-optimal results. Do it right though, and you set yourself up for a minimum number of coats and sanding. The best way is almost always the quickest, simply because you’re not messing around trying to make something look better.  Next up I level with 320 then it’s on to Varnish. “
“It is going to hang for a month to cure then I’ll sand, buff, and assemble.”

10/2/19 update: Nearly there! Bevan’s headed in for final fit, finish, and setup soon.