Dream Guitars Announces More Affordable Quality Acoustic Instruments

At Dream Guitars we are fortunate to have a clientele that includes the hard working guitarist you see play on a Friday night in your home town to some of the world’s top collectors. Over the years our site has become a favorite of guitar lovers the world over and we frequently receive letters of appreciation for all the hard work we do providing the most complete resource for handmade acoustic guitars on the planet.

Many of our fans have been asking for a wider range of instruments and we are listening. Until now we have rarely offered guitars under $3,000 but in an attempt to help all players find the best guitars on the planet we are now.

We are currently adding a hand picked selection of fine guitars, ukuleles and more from $400-3000 that include some brand new and exciting designs by names like:

  • Avian Guitars Designed By Michael Bashkin & Harry Fleishman
  • And more!!

Paul Heumiller himself and the team at Dream Guitars are choosing only truly fine guitars in every price range. So whether you need a workhorse guitar for bar gigs, a second guitar for a vacation home, or just a great guitar that won’t break the bank, DG will have it all.

We are very excited with this new expansion and thanks to all of our clients for telling us what you need and want from Dream Guitars.