Dream Guitars Now Carries Gold Tone Guitars

Dream Guitars has always specialized in the high-end instruments hand made by the finest luthiers. This remains our passion and purpose, but over the years we’ve had repeated requests to offer working man guitars suitable for stage and travel.

Many players and fans of DG were going unserved by us and they wanted us to be their shop. They trust us to choose only great instruments regardless of the price point.

So we set out to do just that.

We are now adding brands such as Gold Tone. Gold Tone was started by the husband and wife team of Wayne and Robyn Rogers whose goal is to produce professional quality instruments at an affordable price.

Gold Tone has now wound up on stages the world over with performers such as Bella Fleck, Bill Keith and Buddy Miller just to name a few.

Dream Guitars owner Paul Heumiller has this to say about Gold Tone, “One of the aspects of offering Gold Tone I’m most excited about is that the price point will give players a chance to try something new. Maybe a guitarist will try an Octave Mandolin or a Steel Guitar. Maybe a songwriter will get to try a Baritone guitar and be inspired in a new direction. To me that’s what makes Gold Tone special, they are truly about making music.”

We will be stocking a wide array of instruments from Gold Tone including Paul Beard Designed Resonators, Baritones, Mandolins, Octave Mandolins and more. We are also happy to order anything else you need. Just holler…

Gold Tone as well as other new brands such as Stonebridge, Composite Acoustic and Andrew White Guitars, are available for immediate purchase in our newly improved Online Store. Click Here to Browse!