Michihiro Matsuda’s Mad Scientist Experiment

Michihiro Matsuda stands at the top of the food chain when it comes to innovative lutherie, functional works of art, and a visual aesthetic eons beyond the ken of many of us. Matsuda has built numerous guitars for our clients over the years, each one a testament to his unique flair and spirit of experimentation. Some of those clients, having received one work of art from Michi, are so enthralled they commission another on the spot. Here for our latest collaboration with Matsuda, we’ve got an electric guitar on the bench that we’re confident the world has never quite seen before. Please keep up with our updates as Matsuda progresses in the build, and you’ll definitely want to check out our listing once the instrument is finished and we can showcase it in style! Are you excited yet? Cuz you should be. Stay tuned!

Here’s Michihiro’s premise:

“It is going to be a one-of-a-kind acoustic/electric, something in between my archtop guitar I made in 2017 and my deconstruction guitars. It will also be a sculptural piece of art. The top is hand-carved Sitka Spruce. The body is partial sides, and partial hand-carved back. I will use figured Maple for that. The basic tonal idea is the same as my deconstruction, so there is no sound box. I will use figured, tempered Maple for neck, and Mahogany with some Rosewood for main structure of the body. I will use two humbuckers. Controls will be simple: one volume, one tone, and one pickup switch. I am also going to design a new style of bridge.
It will not be an archtop guitar, not a solid-body, not a hollow-body electric.”

9/4/18 Update

12/3/18 update:

12/11/18 Update: Coming soon to a Dream near you! We’ll do a full work up with pics and video once it’s in hand.