Services Offered

Our services run the gamut of stringed-instrument repair and maintenance, from simple setups and pickup installs to complete restorations of your vintage collection. We do it all. You know you can rely on us to find the finest stringed instruments on the planet for you: now you can trust Dream Guitars for all of your maintenance and repair work, too. Let us ensure that your investments remain gorgeous and sound. Below is a general list of services we offer, but please contact us if your instrument requires special attention.

New nuts and saddles
Bridge release and reglue
Pickguard releases and reglue
Neck resets of all kinds
Crack repair, from simple stabilization to complete refinishing
Stabilizing loose braces, bindings
Fabricate new bridges, fingerboards, bridge plates, bindings
Install pickups, electric and acoustic
Install tuners
Complete restoration of vintage instruments
Finish repair of all kinds 

We now offer boutique tube amplifier services of all kinds.