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After finishing his training as a luthier at the highly renowned German guitar workshop 'Stevens Guitars' Joe Striebel got an award as the best German newcomer in building guitars. The examination for the master diploma was passed with distinction as well. Joseph crafts his instruments in a wonderful shop in Wolfratshausen, Germany.
I completed my apprenticeship as a guitar maker at the renowned Munich guitar workshop "Steven's Guitars". I received an award as the first national winner in the performance competition for young people from the Chamber of Crafts. I was also able to pass my master’s examination with distinction. For many years now I have been developing my own ideas and realizing their dream instruments together with my customers.

One of our colleagues over seas urged us to try the instruments of Joseph Striebel. We've always been impressed with German craftsmanship and instrument makers so we happily agreed. What we found are instruments built in the finest quality with original shapes that nod to tradition but do not mimic it. Instead the voice is original, crisp and clear and the playability is superb. We are excited to bring the guitars of Joseph Striebel to the U.S.
Wolfratshausen, Germany
Tom Bresh, Peter Autschbach, Peter Jermer, Barbara Jungfer, Manfred Junker
RS, Django, 00, Size 2, Dreadnought, Parlour, M1, M2, Classical, Resonator, Jazz, Mandolin, Ukulele
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