The reason I started Dream Guitars goes back to one guitar…

The reason I started Dream Guitars goes back to one guitar, a guitar that inspired my music in such a way that I was changed forever. I had met Fingerstyle guitarist Martin Simpson and he was mentoring me on my guitar playing. Martin encouraged me to reach beyond what I thought I needed and get the very best guitar I could afford as he insured me it would inspire my music. I trusted Martin and did just that. I scraped together every dime I could to buy a guitar that at the time I could not afford. With approximately $7,000 I picked up a Stefan Sobell Brazilian Rosewood guitar handmade in England.

During the first few days with the instrument I learned so much about my playing. Subtle nuances and techniques that I was already doing that my inferior instrument could not produce I now heard.  On the flip side, because of the instrument’s round trebles and great sustain I had to learn how to really emote on guitar. I was beginning to better understand my playing and where it could go.

But perhaps the biggest aspect of that first hand made guitar was the impact it had on my playing time. I could not walk by that guitar without stopping and grabbing it even for a moment. I went from practicing an hour a day to practicing three or four. I took it everywhere I went excited about the next time that I would hear its beautiful treble notes that were full like a clarinet. I couldn’t wait to hear the long lingering notes that seem to get stronger overtime. I couldn’t wait to put a few more miles of wear on its top finish because I was playing it so aggressively to get the very most sound out of it, making it mine with every stroke.

This was not just a guitar, it was a partner in my musical experience, it was true inspiration which enabled me to write hundreds of songs and elevate my playing tenfold in a very short time. This is why makers build these fine instruments spending hundreds of hours to do so. This is why I started Dream Guitars – to help you find your inspiration.

-Paul Heumiller


  • Paul says:

    Nice story, I usually include Stefan’s website when I guitar surf on the net and enjoy his (iregular) news updates.

    Two questions, do you still have, and enjoy playing, the Sobell; and can you get Martin Simpson to perform at one of your House Concerts??

    Cheers – Paul

  • Bruce Ladd says:

    That was also what happened to me. I had a guitar stolen that I had played for more then 30 years. I found Dream Guitars and bought the Petros Grand Concert from you, and just playing that guitar totally changed my style because of the difference in quality. The sound, the sensitivity of the Petros allowed me to hear and play things I never could have experienced on my other guitar.

  • John Lynch says:


    Your reason for starting Dream Guitars is perfect. I always believed in getting the best possible guitar you can. It will inspire you, not turn you off. My first at 8 years old was Gibson. I haven’t had a guitar now for 35 yrs. I will be purchasing a very nice acoustic in the future for my retirement gift and start all over. Wish I could live for another 75 yrs. Thank you very much for your article. Made me feel good. Take care.


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