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Tweet We host a number of events here at Dream Guitars. Just one of our many ways to give back to the community and share... Read More

Take the Avian Guitar Adventure

Tweet A few years ago, we began the search for great sounding but reasonably priced guitars to offer our many clients who were asking for... Read More

My New Five String Nylon Fretless Banjo

Tweet Click Here to watch Robert Anderson play Paul’s Five String Nylon Fretless Banjo Years ago when I was spending a lot of time with... Read More

Dream Guitars is proud to announce the acquisition of Acoustic Pro Musician

Tweet Dream Guitars is proud to announce the acquisition of Acoustic Pro Musician Register with the new Acoustic Pro Musician today and receive $100 off... Read More

Clive, Clive, and More Clive!!

Tweet (Clive Carroll has toured with Tommy Emmanuel and Michael Manring, visit Clive’s site for more information.) We had the absolute pleasure of having Clive... Read More


Tweet By Nigel Forster – Luthier Instrument design involves shifting your attention. You shift it from subject to subject. Hopefully you remain on a topic... Read More

Dream Guitars Volume II: Guitars of Distinction – Kickstarter

Tweet Let’s Make Great Music Together!!! As a result of your requests, we have embarked on the creation of the music CD Dream Guitars Volume... Read More

Sneak Peek: Guitars Not Yet on the Website (updated 7/16/14)

Tweet   Bookmark this page for frequent updates. (Please scroll down for additional guitars.)   Bashkin Placencia OM   2004 Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce  ... Read More

Dream Guitars Q&A with Konarak Reddy

Tweet We had the luxury of having Indian guitarist Konarak Reddy visit the shop recently, perform and also record a video lesson all available here.... Read More

What is a Crossover Guitar?

Tweet A cross over is a common name for a nylon string guitar with dimensions and features closer to a steel string guitar. For hundreds... Read More


Tweet We have a long list of clients looking for certain guitars on our Dream Catcher Watchlist. If you have one of the guitars below... Read More

Learning to Play Guitar

Tweet At Dream Guitars we are often asked for our thoughts on good ways to learn how to play guitar. We are so lucky to... Read More

Meditating through Music

Tweet The last few years I have developed a deep meditation practice. I won’t go into all of the benefits of meditation here because there... Read More

Fanned Fret Guitars

Tweet “Clearly straight fretted guitars work beautifully and have been around forever, but there are advantages to Fanned Fret depending on your playing style.” –... Read More

Mountain Song Guitars by Ken Jones Available at Dream Guitars

Tweet The beginning of 2014 brings to us an amazing 2013 Mountain Song Odalisque Claro Walnut/Carpathian Acoustic Guitar, built by our very own Ken Jones.... Read More

The Showstopper – 2003 Martin D-50 Deluxe Brazilian – Limited Edition

Tweet We are very excited to announce the arrival of this extremely rare Martin Limited Edition D-50 featuring both Brazilian Rosewood and Bearclaw Sitka Spruce.... Read More

Guitar nails, yes you can go to the salon…

Tweet Gel nails look very natural, they are clear and just a bit shinier than your normal nail. I typically get nice comments on them... Read More

What exactly is a baritone guitar?

Tweet What exactly is a baritone guitar? A baritone guitar is simply a guitar with longer strings and a larger body so that it can... Read More

Black and Gold Friday – November 29th 2013

Tweet Dream Guitars is happy to announce its inaugural Dream Guitars “Black and Gold” Friday where some of the best deals of the year will... Read More

Brand New “Relic look” Guitar from Jim Merrill

Tweet Check this out! This is a Brand New “Relic look” guitar from Jim Merrill. Merrill guitars are synonymous with great prewar tone. Jim employs... Read More

The reason I started Dream Guitars goes back to one guitar…

Tweet The reason I started Dream Guitars goes back to one guitar, a guitar that inspired my music in such a way that I was... Read More

Andrew White Guitars Now Available at Dream Guitars

Tweet For more than a decade, renowned West Virginia luthier Andrew White has built an amazing reputation. Andrew has become well known for his ability... Read More

Dream Guitars Announces More Affordable Quality Acoustic Instruments

Tweet At Dream Guitars we are fortunate to have a clientele that includes the hard working guitarist you see play on a Friday night in... Read More

Dream Guitars Now Carries Gold Tone Guitars

Tweet Dream Guitars has always specialized in the high-end instruments hand made by the finest luthiers. This remains our passion and purpose, but over the... Read More

The Dry Air is Here – It’s Time to Humidify

Tweet With Fall’s cooler temperatures and dry air it’s the perfect time to think about your guitars. Just as your skin begins to get dry... Read More

Dream Guitars Listening Studio
Dream Guitars Listening Studio
Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson by Al Petteway
Paul Heumiller Interview. Dream Guitars Owner Plays A Custom Jordan McConnell Guitar