Canadian Lutherie Video Series with Jordan McConnell

We’ve got a brand new mini video series with Canadian lutherie virtuoso Jordan McConnell (of  McConnell Guitars and The Duhks fame)—Jordan brings out the rich and varied colors of his fellow Canadian builders’ fine creations that we’re happy to represent here at Dream Guitars. Immediately below is a quick collage of the six guitars, and you can scroll down below that for each video in its entirety. Enjoy!

First up is a striking Art Deco Sunburst Maple-and-Engelmann Jumbo from Michel Pellerin (…/5347-pellerin_jumbo_sunburst…/). To say the voice is huge would be, well, a cruel understatement. This Pellerin rattles your teeth from 20 feet away!

Next on the block is a lively and exhilarating 3GMS/25/27 flattop from Al Beardsell. Soundports, bevels, multi-scale fretboard, isometric neck profile—all with quick attack and responsiveness.

Number three could easily be number one in our books: a Little Manzer in Brazilian and Cedar from Linda Manzer! A pocked-sized beauty with a guitar-and-a-half voice, this model was originally made famous by Pat Metheny, and since then Linda’s made but a handful of these handy (themselves a handful) little gems.

Number four: a classic from one of Canada’s greatest: our 2000 OMC from Mario Beauregard. Brazilian Rosewood and German Spruce of this order is incredibly hard to find these days, and in Mario’s hands these tonewoods are honed to their ultimate edge. Flawless balance from string to string, elegant curves and Ebony trim, a voice equal parts creamy and crisp—you have to make a hard decision between playing this Beauregard and doing anything else, ever, each time you pick it up.

Number five comes from the man himself, Mr. Jordan McConnell. This particular 16 Inch model was built for our very own Paul Heumiller (so of course the Brazilian back and sides are ridiculous), who opted for Moonspruce on top and a Blue Ridge Parkway-themed inlay scheme by none other than inlay virtuoso Larry Robinson.