Incoming 2017 Tippin Al Petteway Crescendo

Paint us pink with excitement: we’ve got another Al Petteway signature model on the way from one of our all-time favorite builders, Bill Tippin! As you know, Al’s left his mark on virtually every steel string demo we’ve ever recorded, but this special Crescendo actually bears his physical mark on its own special label below Bill’s. We supplied the Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides (it was a great excuse to sift through our secret stash and dream of future builds), and Bill supplied the rest. We’ll document the build process throughout the various stages, so stay tuned for updates! See immediately below for a few links to Al Petteway signature models Bill’s built for us in the past.

Back and sides – DG’s personal Brazilian Rosewood
Top – Swiss Moonspruce
Scale length – 25.5”
Lower bout – 15 1/2”
Body length – 20 3/8”
Body Depth – 4 5/16”
Standard nut width – 1 3/4”

Side assembly in the Crescendo mold clamped to a bench.

Close up of Tippin’s spreaders which keep the sides firmly squared up agains the inner rim of the mold.

Gluing the back to the side assembly: 30 clamps.

Binding strips, dark Brazilian Rosewood against even darker Brazilian Rosewood.

Bill’s spliced some textured sapwood between Abalone strips for an endgraft with an organic flair.

Bill’s iconic soundport, beveled to reveal the reinforcement layers underneath.

A Ryan-style arm bevel has here been routed to receive bindings. Installing a bevel is an intense feat of engineering, one which Bill has mastered handsomely over the years. Bill sourced this fine example of Moonspruce from Switzerland.