Paul Heumiller on Michael Bashkin & Fretboard Journal’s “Luthier on Luthier” Podcast

Paul recently sat down with Michael Bashkin of Bashkin Guitars for a chat about the boutique guitar market, life, yoga, and more for episode nine of Bashkin’s “Luthier on Luthier” podcast with the Fretboard Journal.

“For our ninth episode, I sit down with Dream Guitars founder and owner, Paul Heumiller. If you build or play custom guitars you probably already know Paul’s name and that Dream Guitars is one of the top boutique guitar dealers in the world. Paul discusses his philosophy for life and business, and how for him they are one in the same. Paul talks about how Dream Guitars got started and the successful partnerships he has forged with some of today’s most collectible builders. Paul also gives some great advice to new and established builders about competing with your own guitars on the secondary market, and how to avoid burning out.” ~ Michael Bashkin