Peter Calo updates us on his doings

Monday Oct 19th

I performed at the New York song Witers Circle which takes place at The Bitterend every other Monday. It’s an instution put together and run by the extremely talented songwriter and singer, Tina Shafer. I couldn’t wait for all these acoustic guitar players to hear the Bravado. Tina hears a lot of acoustic guitars and she had this to say, “”spectacular clarity of sound, ringing and pure”.

Feb 1 2010
I did a session for Composer rob Morsberger. He’s writing music for the PBS-TV program “NOVA.” He’s what Rob said about recording the Tippin.
“your Tippin doesn’t need much eq I was always boosting the other guitar in the low mids to add body to the tone the Tippin doesn’t need it, baby!”

Feb 8 2010

To day I did a session for the legendary producer Frank Filipetti (James Taylor, Carly Simon).

He’s producing and engineering a CD for “4 Troops.” A group of veterans who have put together a group and are signed to Sony. This will be a big release.

I used the Tippin “Bravado” on all the songs that I’ve played on so far. Of course the guitar sounds great.